Our Slow AF Story

A run club for the other 98% of us that aren’t elite runners

What if I could create a run club for slow runners ? A run club that motivates, but doesn’t take itself too seriously? A supportive community of runners who don’t discuss pace or time or races? A run club that’s Slow AF, like me? 

Founder of Slow AF Run Club and Jersey City resident, Monica

Hey! I’m Monica, a girl from The Bronx with thick thighs and a bum knee who acted on a crazy idea to start a run club in Jersey City — in the middle of a pandemic.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running. For years I looked at runners and was torn between “I want to do that” and “Those people are clearly insane.” 

Running Alone

In early 2020, determined to get over my running phobia, I committed to running (or at least trying to) 3 times a week. 6am mornings became my thing because there are less people outside to judge me, my heavy breathing and sweaty forehead. 

For several months I was rocking and rolling and feeling good about my progress, until one Sunday morning, “POP!” A pain shot up my right calf and I.. was.. done. Still a mile away from home with no one awake to take my calls, I dragged my leg behind me for one mile. (Picture Kayser Soze in “The Usual Suspects”).    

Healing from the injury took two months. By the time, I was able to lace up without pain, all the progress I’d made was gone. There I was again, struggling to run and losing the motivation to start over.  

Desperate times call for… you know the rest.

In a moment of inspiration (er, desperation), I created Slow AF Jersey City. The only requirement is that you’re a slow AF runner, jogger, or walker and if you’re not, you’re OK running with people who are.   

With 1,000 members in Jersey City and surrounding areas of New Jersey, and New York City, Slow AF Run Club is filled with people running, jogging, and walking together to stay active, make friends, and find community.

Every Sunday morning (even in the winter) we move our bodies in ways that bring us joy, despite shape, size, gender, or color.  

Simply put, we are COMMUNITY IN MOTION

I hope to see you on a future Fun Run and learn more about you. The best way to stay connected is to make sure you become one of our Insiders – You’ll be the the first know about new events, pop-up runs, and other fun stuff we do to keep the community strong. 

We also have merch! So if you’re looking to buy a new hoodie, t-shirt or tank top, I got you. Click here to find the color that makes your eyes stand out. 

Before I forget, if we’re not connected on Instagram yet, c’mon over. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Running is scary, but it’s better with friends.

Slow AF & proud of every step,


Founder of Slow AF Run Club, a community for slow runners


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So glad to have met everyone and supported each other through this pandemic.



Come run with us!

EVERY SUNDAY 10:00-11:00am

Join us for our weekly Slow AF Run Club fun run in Jersey City!

Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ
weekly Slow AF Run Club meetup location in downtown Jersey City